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  • Archive for August, 2009

    The New Version CCNP Certification(642-902、642-813、642-832)

    Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

    Recently, I learned from Cisco Systems certification departments that CCNP will be change at the end of 2009 year ! About  in 2009 (western North America time) around Christmas. Current Valid CCNP Exam Version:

    IGP – Default Route Summary

    Monday, August 17th, 2009

    Default route RIP static route to null 0, and the “network” command under the RIP process, static route to null 0, and the “redistribute static” command under the RIP process, “default-information originate” command (advertises a default route even if a default route does not exist in the routing table / does not […]

    Frame-Relay – Things to Remember

    Saturday, August 15th, 2009

    When “encapsulation frame-relay” command is issued on an interface, the router will learn all the DLCIs associated with that interface via LMI updates. Then once an IP address is configured on the same interface, InARP request will be sent out on all the learned DLCIs. If the other end is also configured with an IP […]

    CCIE R&S Core Knowledge Question(14)

    Saturday, August 15th, 2009

    1. What are the two tables that CEF utilizes to switch packets? Highlight for answer: Forwarding Information Base(FIB) and [CEF] adjacency table. 2. A port in the Spanning Tree state of ‘blocking’ does not allow any type of traffic – true or false? Highlight for answer: False – BPDUs are still allowed over the link. […]

    Freebook – Head First Networking

    Friday, August 7th, 2009

    Frustrated with networking books so chock-full of acronyms that your brain goes into sleep mode? Head First Networking’s unique, visually rich format provides a task-based approach to computer networking that makes it easy to get your brain engaged. You’ll learn the concepts by tying them to on-the-job tasks, blending practice and theory in a way […]

    BGP – Things to Remember

    Friday, August 7th, 2009

    1. BGP uses TCP port 179 for transport. Router with the higher BGP router-id initiates BGP session from a random port. 2. The interface from which the BGP router ID is taken does not have to be running BGP. Any valid IP address can be used as BGP router-id, even an address that is not […]

    Freedown – CCNA Voice Exam Cram

    Thursday, August 6th, 2009

    CCNA Voice Exam Cram for IIUC Exam 640-460, by David Bateman William Burton, CCIE No. 1119 In this book you’ll learn how to Understand digital and analog circuits Use voice signaling protocols Connect your VoIP system to the rest of the world Configure your network to support VoIP Configure QoS and Cisco AutoQoS

    IGP – Things to Remember

    Thursday, August 6th, 2009

    1. Routing occurs by finding the longest match in the routing table and by recursing to the outgoing interface. 2. We can debug the transiting traffic by enabling the process switching. But we don’t need to turn on process switching for the router’s locally originated traffic or for the traffic destined for the router. 3. […]

    Freedown – OSPF: Anatomy of an Internet Routing Protocol

    Thursday, August 6th, 2009

    Written for TCP/IP network administrators, protocol designers, and network application developers, this book gives the most complete and practical view ever into the inner workings of Internet routing. The book focuses on OSPF (Open Shortest Path First), a common TCP/IP routing protocol that provides robust and efficient routing support in the most demanding Internet environments. […]