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    CCIE R&S Core Knowledge Question(14)

    By admin | August 15, 2009

    1. What are the two tables that CEF utilizes to switch packets?

    Highlight for answer: Forwarding Information Base(FIB) and [CEF] adjacency table.

    2. A port in the Spanning Tree state of ‘blocking’ does not allow any type of traffic – true or false?

    Highlight for answer: False – BPDUs are still allowed over the link.

    3. By default, when does a Cisco router switch over from the root-path-tree to the source-specific SPT?

    Highlight for answer: When the first packet is received from the shared tree.  You can change this with the ‘ip pim spt-threshold’ command.

    4. If a TCP connection does not complete the three-way handshake within a particular time period, TCP intercept sends a TCP reset to the server, cleaning up the connection.

    Which TCP intercept mode does this statement best describe?

    Highlight for answer: Watch mode.


    Topics: CCIE R&S, Open-Ended-Question | No Comments »


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