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    The new version GNS3 v0.6.1 release!

    By admin | May 28, 2009

    I)A$1X]~5Y$NSIUZ]}M])MTIt’s so wonderful! The new version GNS3 release! As far as i know, many guys are using the GNS3.

    From the release documenation, there are  a lot of improvement in this update, GNS3 official statement:

    Hi everyone,
    GNS3 v0.6.1 is released! this is a minor release that brings some improvements and bug fixes. Nothing really new but now we have a solid base to start making new features. Also the GNS3 binary version for Windows has been repackaged to include python 2.6 and Qt 4.5.1 dlls. A binary version (.app) for MacOS X should be released soon.


    • Copy an inserted image in the project’s working directory and update its path in the .net file.
    • Prevent auto-generated interface notes to be recorded in the .net file.
    • Display an error msg box if a working directory can’t be used by an hypervisor.
    • Check if a hostname has already been used when creating a new node.
    • Warn to use manual links when a user select a NM-16ESW module.
    • Check if GNS3 is running on a Windows 64 bits OS in order to choose the correct path to Putty.
    • Check IOS and working directories paths when creating new nodes and throw a warning to the user if something is wrong.
    • Button to edit project settings.


    • Prevent notes to be deleted when typing the delete key while editing.
    • Prevent NM-16ESW modules to be removed from routers when using Ethernet/FastEthernet links.
    • Tooltips update when starting/stopping/suspending routers.
    • Bug with Qt 4.5 on selected filter when openning a project (getOpenFileName)
    • 99MB limit for pcmcia disks.
    • Unicode errors with TMP env variable on Windows.
    • AttributeError: value of `chassis’ must be of type string.
    • Merge correct config paths when loading a .net create on a different platform.

    Thanks for your support.

    Download the new GNS3 Release! v0.6.1

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