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    [25/July/2019 Updated] Reliable PassLeader 1Y0-440 Braindump with VCE and PDF Dumps Free Download

    By admin | July 25, 2019

    New Updated 1Y0-440 Exam Questions from PassLeader 1Y0-440 PDF dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader 1Y0-440 VCE dumps: https://www.passleader.com/1y0-440.html (65 Q&As)

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    A Citrix Architect has configured NetScaler Gateway integration with a XenApp environment to provide access to users from two domains: vendorlab.com and workslab.com. The authentication method used is LDAP. Which two steps are required to achieve Single Sign-on StoreFront using a single store? (Choose two.)

    A.    Configure Single Sign-on domain in Session profile ‘userPrincipalName’.
    B.    Do NOT configure SSO Name attribute in LDAP profile.
    C.    Do NOT configure sign-on domain in Session profile.
    D.    Configure SSO Name attribute to ‘userPrincipalName’ in LDAP profile.

    Answer: BD

    A Citrix Architect needs to design a NetScaler deployment in Microsoft Azure. An Active-Passive NetScaler VPX pair will provide load balancing for three distinct web applications. The architect has identified the following requirements:
    – Minimize deployment costs where possible.
    – Provide dedicated bandwidth for each web application.
    – Provide a different public IP address for each web application.
    For this deployment, the architect should configure each NetScaler VPX machine to have ____ network interface(s) and configure IP address by using ____. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence).

    A.    4; Port Address Translation
    B.    1; Network Address Translation
    C.    1; Port Address Translation
    D.    2; Network Address Translation
    E.    4; Network Address Translation
    F.    2; Port Address Translation

    Answer: C

    Which encoding type can a Citrix Architect use to encode the StyleBook content, when importing the StyleBook configuration under source attribute?

    A.    Hex
    B.    Base64
    C.    URL
    D.    Unicode

    Answer: B

    Which parameter must a Citrix Architect configure to ensure that HDX Proxy Connection terminates upon AAA Session TimeOut?

    A.    ICA session timeout in VPN parameters.
    B.    Session timeout(mins) in NetScaler gateway Session profile.
    C.    Session timeout(mins) in VPN parameters.
    D.    ICA session timeout in NetScaler Gateway Session profile.

    Answer: D

    Which three methods can a Citrix Architect use to assess the capabilities of a network infrastructure? (Choose three.)

    A.    Review existing monitoring solutions for periods of latency, lost packets, and insufficient bandwidth.
    B.    Map the location of the users against the existing network topology.
    C.    Alter firewall rules of existing network to fit into the new NetScaler Deployment.
    D.    Examine the topology for single points of failure and potential bottlenecks.
    E.    Ensure that users and computers are in the correct organizational units (OUs).

    Answer: ABD

    More than 10,000 users will access a customer’s environment. The current networking infrastructure is capable of supporting the entire workforce of users. However, the number of support staff is limited, and management needs to ensure that they are capable of supporting the full user base. Which business driver is prioritized, based on the customer’s requirements?

    A.    Simplify Management
    B.    Increase Scalability
    C.    Increase Flexibility
    D.    Reduce Costs
    E.    Enable Mobile Work Styles
    F.    Increase Security

    Answer: A

    Which two features are supported on LBaaSv1? (Choose two.)

    A.    Cookie Insertion
    B.    Layer 7 Load Balancing
    C.    Certificate Bundle
    D.    Layer 4 Load balancing
    E.    Server Name Indicator

    Answer: DE

    Which two NetScaler cookies indicate the validity of the Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) session for users? (Choose two.)

    A.    NSC_WT
    B.    NSC_TMAS
    C.    NSC_AAAC
    D.    NSC_TMAA

    Answer: BD

    A Citrix Architect needs to define the architect and operational processes required to implement and maintain the production environment. In which phase of the Citrix Methodology will the architect define this?

    A.    Define
    B.    Deploy
    C.    Assess
    D.    Review
    E.    Manage
    F.    Design

    Answer: F

    Under which two circumstances will a service be taken out of the slow start phase with automated slow start? (Choose two.)

    A.    The service does NOT receive traffic for three successive increment intervals.
    B.    The server request rate parameters are set above 25 requests per second.
    C.    The actual request rate is slower than the new service request rate.
    D.    The percentage of traffic that the new service must receive is greater or equal to 50.
    E.    The request rate has been incremented 100 times.

    Answer: AC

    Which step does a Citrix Architect need to ensure during the define phase when following the Citrix Methodology?

    A.    Testing steps were integrated.
    B.    The project manager agrees with road map timelines.
    C.    A phased roll out was completed.
    D.    Existing networking infrastructure is ready.
    E.    The redundancy deployment decision was made.

    Answer: E

    For which three reasons should a Citrix Architect perform a capabilities assessment when designing and deploying a new NetScaler in an existing environment? (Choose three.)

    A.    Understand the skill set of the company.
    B.    Assess and identify potential risks for the design and build phase.
    C.    Establish and prioritize the key drivers behind a project.
    D.    Determine operating systems and application usage.
    E.    Identify other planned projects and initiatives that must be integrated with the design and build phase.

    Answer: BDE


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