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    [20/April/2019 Updated] The Best PassLeader NSE6_FWB-5.6.0 Exam Questions With Free VCE Download

    By admin | April 20, 2019

    New Updated NSE6_FWB-5.6.0 Exam Questions from PassLeader NSE6_FWB-5.6.0 PDF dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader NSE6_FWB-5.6.0 VCE dumps: https://www.passleader.com/nse6-fwb-5-6-0.html (35 Q&As)

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    Under what circumstances would you want to use the temporary uncompressed feature of FortiWeb?

    A.    In the case of compression being done on the FortiWeb, to inspect the content of the compressed file.
    B.    In the case of the file being a .MP3 music file.
    C.    In the case of compression being done on the web server, to inspect the content of the compressed file.
    D.    In the case of the file being a .MP4 video file.

    Answer: C

    What is one of the key benefits of the FortiGuard IP Reputation feature?

    A.    FortiGuard maintains a list of public IPs with a bad reputation for participating in attacks.
    B.    It is updated once per year.
    C.    Provides a Document of IP addresses that are suspect, so that administrators can manually update their blacklists.
    D.    It maintains a list of private IP addresses.

    Answer: A

    In Reverse Proxy mode, how does FortiWeb handle traffic that does not match any defined policies?

    A.    Non-matching traffic is allowed.
    B.    non-Matching traffic is held in buffer.
    C.    Non-matching traffic is denied.
    D.    Non-matching traffic is rerouted to FortiGate.

    Answer: C

    How does an ADOM differ from a VDOM?

    A.    ADOMs do not have virtual networking.
    B.    ADOMs improve performance by offloading some functions.
    C.    ADOMs only affect specific functions, and do not provide full separation like VDOMs do.
    D.    Allows you to have one administrator for multiple tenants.

    Answer: D

    A client is trying to start a session from a page that should normally be accessible only after they have logged in. When a start page rule detects the invalid session access, what can FortiWeb do? (Choose three.)

    A.    Reply with a "403 Forbidden" HTTP error.
    B.    Allow the page access, but log the violation.
    C.    Automatically redirect the client to the login page.
    D.    Display an access policy message, then allow the client to continue, redirecting them to their requested page.
    E.    Prompt the client to authenticate.

    Answer: ABC

    When integrating FortiWeb and FortiAnalyzer, why is the selection for FortiWeb Version critical? (Choose two.)

    A.    Defines Log file format.
    B.    Defines communication protocol.
    C.    Defines Database Schema.
    D.    Defines Log storage location.

    Answer: AD

    Which operation mode does not require additional configuration in order to allow FTP traffic to your web server?

    A.    Offline Protection
    B.    Transparent Inspection
    C.    True Transparent Proxy
    D.    Reverse Proxy

    Answer: B

    Which implementation is best suited for a deployment that must meet compliance criteria?

    A.    SSL Inspection with FortiWeb in Transparency mode.
    B.    SSL Offloading with FortiWeb in Reverse Proxy mode.
    C.    SSL Inspection with FrotiWeb in Reverse Proxy mode.
    D.    SSL Offloading with FortiWeb in Transparency mode.

    Answer: C

    What capability can FortiWeb add to your Web App that your Web App may or may not already have?

    A.    Automatic backup and recovery
    B.    High Availability
    C.    HTTP/HTML Form Authentication
    D.    SSL Inspection

    Answer: D

    What benefit does Auto Learning provide?

    A.    Automatically identifies and blocks suspicious IPs.
    B.    FortiWeb scans all traffic without taking action and makes recommendations on rules.
    C.    Automatically builds rules sets.
    D.    Automatically blocks all detected threats.

    Answer: C


    Download the newest PassLeader NSE6_FWB-5.6.0 dumps from passleader.com now! 100% Pass Guarantee!

    NSE6_FWB-5.6.0 PDF dumps & NSE6_FWB-5.6.0 VCE dumps: https://www.passleader.com/nse6-fwb-5-6-0.html (35 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!)

    P.S. New NSE6_FWB-5.6.0 dumps PDF: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wiPSLDL6LAfKHdgm1jUqCIjz253SIKif


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