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    [1/Nov/2018 Updated] Latest Update PassLeader NS0-513 Exam Dumps For Free Download

    By admin | November 1, 2018

    New Updated NS0-513 Exam Questions from PassLeader NS0-513 PDF dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader NS0-513 VCE dumps: https://www.passleader.com/ns0-513.html (95 Q&As)

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    How are the FC-VI links cabled in MetroCluster for ONTAP?

    A.    one cable to each of the two local FC switches
    B.    controller A is cabled to FC switch A, controller B has both cabled to FC switch B
    C.    directly to the corresponding local HA partner
    D.    directly to the corresponding remote HA partner

    Answer: A

    You are upgrading your Data ONTAP cluster from clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 to clustered Data ONTAP 9.1. Which two actions must be performed for the SnapMirror relationships? (Choose two.)

    A.    Break existing SnapMirror relationships.
    B.    Delete the obsolete SnapMirror Snapshot copies which were created in Data ONTAP 8.3.
    C.    After the upgrade, resynchronize, and resume SnapMirror relationships.
    D.    Delete and re-create SnapMirror relationships.

    Answer: AC

    What are two capabilities enabled by Snapshot copies? (Choose two.)

    A.    Change the volume language of a secondary Snapshot copy.
    B.    Recover previous versions of a file that was deleted.
    C.    Write to the Snapshot copy.
    D.    Create a clone of a FlexVol volume.

    Answer: BD

    Your disaster recovery strategy requires a mirror, an archive, and a tape backup. Which software would you recommend for this scenario?

    A.    OnCommand System Manager
    B.    OnCommand Workflow Automation
    C.    SnapProtect
    D.    OnCommand Unified Manager

    Answer: C

    You are performing a routine health check for a customer and need to determine if the disk shelf firmware is up to date. From My AutoSupport, which report would you use?

    A.    Transition Advisor
    B.    Visualization
    C.    Upgrade Advisor
    D.    Event Viewer

    Answer: B

    A volume has been filled completely by active data and Snapshot copies. What must you do to make the volume writable again?

    A.    Delete files in the active file system.
    B.    Delete any SnapMirror relationships.
    C.    Delete enough Snapshot copies until space is available.
    D.    Modify the Snapshot reserve.

    Answer: C

    Which two NetApp products reduce the backup time and create a consistent backup for a primary Oracle target? (Choose two.)

    A.    SnapMirror for Open Systems
    B.    Open Systems SnapVault
    C.    SnapManager for Orade
    D.    SnapProtect

    Answer: CD

    A customer wants compression enabled on the SnapVault secondary volume. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

    A.    A warning message is not displayed when you enable compression on a SnapVault secondary volume.
    B.    Data transfers will be storage efficient after enabling compression on the SnapVault secondary volume.
    C.    A warning message is displayed when you enable compression on a SnapVault secondary volume.
    D.    Data transfers will not be storage efficient after enabling compression on the SnapVault secondary volume.

    Answer: CD

    The primary and secondary clusters are fully configured. You want to set up an inter-cluster SnapMirror relationship. Which two actions are prerequisite to accomplishing this task? (Choose two.)

    A.    The SVMs must be peered.
    B.    The primary and secondary clusters must be peered.
    C.    The Snapshot schedule must be configured.
    D.    NDMP must be enabled.

    Answer: AC

    You and other administrators are in the habit of creating FlexClone LUNs and then not deleting them when they are no longer needed. What should you do to help manage space utilization?

    A.    Use the flexclone split command.
    B.    Use the volume snapshot autodelete modify command.
    C.    Configure FlexClone LUNs to automatically be marked for deletion.
    D.    Configure FlexClone LUNs to automatically delete when they are one minute older than 30 days.

    Answer: B

    You want to find an automated way to handle space utilization in volumes. You have limited space available in your aggregate. Which solution would solve this scenario?

    A.    Enable aggregate compression.
    B.    Enable volume autosize.
    C.    Enable volume level QoS.
    D.    Enable Snapshot autodelete.

    Answer: D

    Which attribute does Data ONTAP use the identify Snapshot copies between primary and secondary FlexVol volumes in a SnapVault relationship?

    A.    FlexVol name
    B.    Snapshot prefix
    C.    SnapMirror policy
    D.    SnapMirror label

    Answer: D

    You want to provide your team with a SnapProtect report that shows how many backups succeeded, were delayed, and failed over the last 30 days. You also want detailed information about the jobs, agents, and clients. Which CommCell report provides the necessary information?

    A.    Backup Job Summary
    B.    Activity
    C.    Health
    D.    SLA

    Answer: A

    A customer wants to convert some SnapMirror relationships to SnapVault relationships. How would this be accomplished without creating a new baseline?

    A.    Break and delete the relationship followed by SnapMirror resync.
    B.    Break the relationship followed by SnapMirror delete.
    C.    Break and delete the relationship followed by SnapMirror resync with relationship type XDP.
    D.    Break the relationship followed by SnapMirror modify.

    Answer: D

    In which two scenarios would a SnapMirror policy be applied? (Choose two.)

    A.    a log file
    B.    a storage virtual machine
    C.    a data protection mirror relationship
    D.    a SnapVault relationship

    Answer: CD


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