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    [1/Nov/2018 Updated] Collection of NS0-181 Exam Questions With Free VCE and PDF Download

    By admin | November 1, 2018

    New Updated NS0-181 Exam Questions from PassLeader NS0-181 PDF dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader NS0-181 VCE dumps: https://www.passleader.com/ns0-181.html (65 Q&As)

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    P.S. New NS0-181 NCSIE dumps PDF: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cuIUrMXatDavd4eDsyKmAZvPXKMQyNEw

    A customer has a stack of shelves with both DS4243 shelves and DS4246 shelves. The customer wants to replace the DS4243 shelves with new DS4246 shelves. What would you advise the customer in this scenario?

    A.    Convert the ACP communication from out-of-band to In-band channel.
    B.    Remove the ACP cabling from the stack before adding the new shelves.
    C.    Remove the DS4243 shelves, but you must add the new DS4246 shelves to a new stack.
    D.    Configure the shelf IDs of the new DS4246 shelves to match the existing DS4246 shelves.

    Answer: D

    You have just installed a new FAS2650 HA for your customer. You are now configuring the AutoSupport transport section. In this scenario, what Is the NetApp best practice for this task to allow AutoSupport (ASOD)?

    A.    Use SMTP
    B.    Use HTTPS
    C.    Use HTTP
    D.    Use SSH

    Answer: A

    You finished the Installation of a 2-node cluster and want to determine correctly. What are two ways to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

    A.    Use the OnCommand Performance Manager GUI.
    B.    Use the cluster ha show and storage failover show commands on the CU.
    C.    Use the system node autosupport check show command on the CU.
    D.    Use the OnCommand System Manager GUI.

    Answer: BC

    A customer has a standard request for information regarding the installation, configuration, usage, and maintenance of this NetAPP equipment. What is the appropriate priority level to use when he open a case?

    A.    P2
    B.    P1
    C.    P4
    D.    P3

    Answer: C

    You have created an aggregate with one RAID group on your ONTAP 9 cluster. Two disks have already failed and have not finished reconstructing. What would protect you from a third disk failure while you are still reconstructing the two failed disks?

    A.    RAID-0
    B.    RAID-4
    C.    RAID-TEC
    D.    RAID-DP

    Answer: B

    What are two ways to obtain customer licenses for a new ONTAP system? (Choose two.)

    A.    Access the NetApp Support site.
    B.    Open a support ticket.
    C.    Access the Field Portal site.
    D.    Access NetApp Knowledge Base.

    Answer: D

    What is a valid failover policy for a SAN LIF?

    A.    disabled
    B.    broadcast-domain-wide
    C.    system-define
    D.    local-only

    Answer: B

    You are adding two new nodes into an existing switchless 2-node cluster. Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.)

    A.    You first need to Install the cluster interconnect switches to the existing cluster.
    B.    You must make sure that the existing nodes are healthy and that all cluster links are up.
    C.    The existing cluster must use clustered Data ONTAP 8.1 or later software.
    D.    You need to schedule downtime to add these two nodes.

    Answer: AB

    You are asked to install a new ONTAP cluster at a customer site. In this scenario, which ONTAP versions would you normally install? (Choose two.)

    A.    the latest RC1 with the included patch level
    B.    the latest GA with the included patch level
    C.    the release specified by the customer
    D.    the latest release listed for the controller type

    Answer: CD

    You are asked to install a 2-node FAS2554 cluster running ONTAP 9.1. The controller arrived with ONTAP 9.0 Installed. In this scenario, which two tools would be used to complete this upgrade for this Installation? (Choose two.)

    A.    HTTP server
    B.    SMTP server
    C.    FTP server
    D.    SNMP server

    Answer: AC

    You are preparing to install a new cluster at a customer site. Which two concerns must you address with the customer in this scenario? (Choose two.)

    A.    Is there an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system?
    B.    Is there enough rack space available?
    C.    Are the power requirements fulfilled?
    D.    Is there a fire extinguishing system?

    Answer: BC

    You want to grow your current ONTAP cluster. You have a Cisco Nexus 5596UP that is currently using all of its on-board ports. Which statement is correct in this situation?

    A.    Contact NetApp Support to order new switches.
    B.    Add expansion modules to the Cisco switches.
    C.    Pull the redundant cables from each node to obtain more free ports on the switch.
    D.    Add new SFP modules to the empty on board ports on the Cisco switches.

    Answer: A


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