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    [4/Sep/2018 Updated] Share PassLeader New 75q 1Y0-402 Exam Questions

    By admin | September 4, 2018

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    A Citrix Architect needs to design a new XenApp and XenDesktop environment for a financial services company. During the project kickoff meeting, the organization states the following business priorities:
    "Overall, we want a robust solution which ensures that users can access their resources at any time, even if our primary datacenter experiences an outage. Our employees will need to access their resources from both inside and outside our corporate network, but we need to ensure that we enable this in a secure manner and protect our sensitive data."
    Which four design decisions align with the organization’s stated business drivers? (Choose four.)

    A.    Redundancy should be implemented for all infrastructure components.
    B.    Server OS Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machines should be used to increase user density per machine.
    C.    Optimal Gateway Routing should be configured on StoreFront.
    D.    NetScaler will be required in the environment.
    E.    A multi-Site architecture and disaster recovery plan will be required.
    F.    Single image management should be included in the design.
    G.    SmartAccess or SmartControl features should be considered for this environment.

    Answer: BCDG

    While assessing the User Layer, a Citrix Architect finds that most of the internal users connect using corporate-owned laptops, desktop devices, and thin clients. Many of these laptops and desktop devices are running Windows 10, while the remainder of the machines are running Windows 7 and are in the process of being migrated to Windows 10. Some users also connect using personal devices which have Receiver Desktop Lock installed. Currently, Citrix Receiver is manually installed on any endpoint device added to the company. All these devices use Citrix Receiver version 4.8 and above. The IT team is planning to automate a process to update all the devices with the latest version of Citrix Receiver and to automate another process for automatic installation of Citrix Receiver without incurring extra costs and maintenance. During the initial testing of the Citrix Receiver Auto-Update feature, the architect observed that the Citrix Receiver Auto-Update feature does NOT work on some of the machines. Which two reasons could be causing this issue? (Choose two.)

    A.    Citrix Receiver was locally installed with administrator-level privileges.
    B.    The Group Policy Object for Receiver Auto-Update feature is incorrectly configured in Active Directory.
    C.    Citrix Receiver Auto-Update is disabled on machines where Receiver Desktop Lock is installed.
    D.    The Citrix Receiver Auto-Update feature needs to be configured before Receiver Desktop Lock is configured.

    Answer: BC

    A Citrix Architect is designing an environment for a large company. The company has identified the following user groups and requirements:
    — Product Managers: Typically, they work from inside the company network but are able to work from home. They need to use a variety of standard productivity and web-based SaaS applications.
    — Field Sales Engineers: They frequently work with mobile devices and tend to access the environment externally. They need access to sales tools and the front-end of the customer database.
    — Web Developers: Internal and remote workers who use specialized hardware with a graphics card to handle resource-intensive applications.
    Which FlexCast model should the architect assign to Product Managers?

    A.    Hosted VDI
    B.    Remote PC
    C.    VM Hosted Applications
    D.    Published Apps
    E.    Published Desktops

    Answer: A

    A Citrix Architect needs to design a new XenDesktop environment for a client who does NOT currently have a Citrix environment. The project scope has NOT yet been determined, and the architect is about to start the Assess phase of the project. In which order should the architect complete the four tasks of a typical assessment when following the Citrix methodology?

    A.    Define the organization, Define the user groups, Define the applications, Define the project team.
    B.    Define the user groups, Define the applications, Define the organization, Define the project team.
    C.    Define the project team, Define the organization, Define the user groups, Define the applications.
    D.    Define the organization, Define the project team, Define the user groups, Define the applications.

    Answer: D

    A Citrix Architect is designing hardware requirements for a small production XenApp and XenDesktop environment. Requirements:
    — Access to the environment hosted in a single datacenter.
    — Ability to perform maintenance on the environment without requiring an outage.
    Which hardware requirement does the architect need to include for hypervisor hosts in order to meet the customer’s needs?

    A.    Multiple individual hypervisor hosts in the same datacenter.
    B.    Separate hypervisor cluster/pool in an alternate datacenter.
    C.    Separate hypervisor clusters/pools in the same datacenter.
    D.    N+1 hypervisor hosts in a single cluster/pool.

    Answer: C

    A Citrix Architect is designing a XenDesktop environment. The Engineer group uses graphical applications which require the use of AMD hardware shared virtualized GPU. Which two hypervisors can the architect select? (Choose two.)

    A.    XenServer 6.5
    B.    VMware vSphere 5.5
    C.    XenServer 7.0
    D.    VMware vSphere 6.0
    E.    Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 R2

    Answer: AC

    A Citrix Architect needs to design a new XenApp and XenDesktop environment. Citrix Provisioning Services has been selected for image management. Which two RAID levels should the architect use for the storage hosting the Provisioning Service write cache? (Choose two.)

    A.    RAID 0
    B.    RAID 1
    C.    RAID 10
    D.    RAID 6
    E.    RAID 5

    Answer: BC

    A Citrix Architect is designing a XenDesktop environment. The Engineer group uses graphical applications which require the use of Intel Iris Pro GPUs. Which two hypervisors can the architect select for this environment? (Choose two.)

    A.    XenServer 6.5
    B.    Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 R2
    C.    XenServer 7.0
    D.    VMware vSphere 5.5
    E.    VMware vSphere 6.0

    Answer: BE

    The IT team of a company needs to migrate to Microsoft Azure and has asked a Citrix Architect for a solution that offers protection from datacenter level failures. What should the architect recommend the IT team create in Microsoft Azure?

    A.    Availability set with update domain
    B.    Availability set with fault domain
    C.    Resource group
    D.    Availability zones

    Answer: D

    A Citrix Architect needs to design a disaster recovery (DR) XenApp and XenDesktop Site that will be hosted in Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure. The DR Site is expected to support 2,000 Desktop OS Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machines. The architect should include ____ Cloud Connectors in the Azure resource location, each with a minimum of ____ vCPUs and ____ GB of RAM to avoid unnecessary over-provisioning of resources and follow Citrix leading practices. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

    A. 3; 2; 4
    B. 3; 4; 4
    C. 3; 4; 8
    D. 2; 4; 4
    E. 1; 2; 4
    F. 2; 4; 8

    Answer: F

    A Citrix Architect is using LDAP as single-factor authentication. The architect is migrating the environment to Citrix Cloud and wants to retain the same authentication procedure for XenApp and XenDesktop service in Citrix Cloud. Which deployment strategy should the architect use for NetScaler and StoreFront to ensure that the solution reduces management overhead without incurring additional costs?

    A.    Use Citrix Cloud NetScaler Gateway service and on-premises StoreFront.
    B.    Set up a new NetScaler VPX instance and StoreFront on-premises.
    C.    Use Citrix Cloud NetScaler Gateway service and Citrix Cloud Workspace.
    D.    Set up NetScaler with bring-your-own license (BYOL) and StoreFront in a public cloud.

    Answer: A

    A Citrix Architect needs to implement XenDesktop in an environment. The Customer Service team processes credit card information in Web applications. A Payment Card Industry (PCI) audit determines that processes that can run on a Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machine are controlled through the use of whitelisting. Which method would be an appropriate fit for the environment, based on the requirements?

    A.    Citrix Secure Browser
    B.    NTFS Permissions
    C.    Microsoft App-V
    D.    Citrix Workspace Environment Management

    Answer: D


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