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    [Mar-2017 Dumps] Download New PassLeader 70q 7220X Exam Questions And Passing Exam Easily

    By admin | March 22, 2017

    New Updated 7220X Exam Questions from PassLeader 7220X PDF dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader 7220X VCE dumps: http://www.passleader.com/7220x.html (70 Q&As)

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    A customer called Avaya Support after their telecom administrator was unable to add 50 new telephones for new hires. Avaya support determined that the number of telephones exceeded the capacity the system could support. Which pre-implementation step was omitted?

    A.    Access support.avaya.com to verify customer systems compatibility.
    B.    Test all third-party equipment and software.
    C.    Verify version installed is compatible with existing versions.
    D.    Provide accurate licensing specification.

    Answer: D

    What are the two types of certificates the Avaya server uses?

    A.    Root or a Certificate Authority (CA) certificate and Server Identity certificates
    B.    Root or a Certificate Authority (CA) and SIP default certificates
    C.    Site Root certificates and Security certificates
    D.    Backup server and default certificates

    Answer: A

    Which two SIP requests are used to allow an AST endpoint to use features provided by an Avaya Aura® Communication Manager (CM)? (Chose two.)

    A.    INVITE
    B.    OPTIONS
    C.    REGISTER
    E.    NOTIFY

    Answer: DE

    A customer reports that when they make a call from an H.323 endpoint at the Main office to an H.323 telephone at the Branch office across the WAN, the call fails due to codec mismatch. If misconfigured, which three Avaya Aura® Communication Manager (CM) System Administration Terminal (SAT) forms can be causing this problem? (Choose three.)

    A.    ip-network-region
    B.    ip-codec-set
    C.    ip-services
    D.    ip-network-map
    E.    node-names ip

    Answer: ABD

    Ignoring Presence, to be fully functional, how many event package does an AST endpoint subscribe to?

    A.    1
    B.    5
    C.    12
    D.    64

    Answer: B

    Which three statements about media-processing resources (DSPs) are true? (Choose three.)

    A.    SIP-SIP two-party calls will always use SIP Direct Media.
    B.    Two-party calls originated by H.323 stations, trunks, or media gateways, and terminated by SIP stations or trunks, cannot shuffle.
    C.    H.323-H.323 two-party calls will always shuffle.
    D.    Two-party calls originated by SIP stations or trunks, and terminated by H.323 trunks, media gateways, or other vendors’ H.323 stations, will always shuffle.
    E.    If a direct media path cannot be established between two IP endpoints the call will fail from release 7.0.

    Answer: ABE

    When one Avaya SIP Telephone (AST) user calls another Avaya SIP Telephone (AST) user agent, Session Manager goes through different phases of processing the call. What is the maximum number of Phase Tags and what are they called?

    A.    Two – imsorig and imsterm
    B.    Two – origappseq and termappseq
    C.    Four – imsorig, origdone, imsterm, termdone
    D.    Three – ingress, process, egress

    Answer: C

    During installation, through the exchange of security certificates, between which three does the Trust Management Service establish trust? (Choose three.)

    A.    Identity Management
    B.    Communication Manager
    C.    System Manager
    D.    Certificate Authority
    E.    Session Manager

    Answer: CDE


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