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    [Dec-2016 Dumps] Reliable 1438q N10-006 Exam Dumps From PassLeader For Free Download

    By admin | December 28, 2016

    New Updated N10-006 Exam Questions from PassLeader N10-006 PDF dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader N10-006 VCE dumps: http://www.passleader.com/n10-006.html (1438 Q&As)

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    A network administrator set up a network computer lab and discovered connectivity issues. The administrator is able to ping the fiber uplink interface, but none of the new PCs plugged into the switch respond to ICMP requests. Which of the following should the administrator perform FIRST?

    A.    Check if there are link lights on the ports
    B.    Checkthe ports on the switch for full duplex
    C.    Check to see if port security is enabled
    D.    Check to see if the uplink interface is configured correctly

    Answer: A

    A user receives a new computer and now is unable to connect to a database using ODBC. Other users on the network are able to connect successfully. A technician is able to successfully ping the database server but still is unable to connect. Which of the following is the issue?

    A.    Missing IP routes on router
    B.    Wrong default gateway address
    C.    Software firewall is blocking ports
    D.    Failing network interface card

    Answer: C

    A network uses a centralized server to manage credentials for all network devices. Which of the following server types are MOST likely being used in this configuration? (Select two.)

    A.    DNS
    B.    DHCP
    C.    FTP
    D.    RADIUS
    E.    Kerberos
    F.    TACACS
    G.    Wireless controller

    Answer: DF

    A company suffers an outage due to a bad module in a core switch. Which of the following is the proper order of troubleshooting?

    A.    Gather information, start at the top of the OSI model, and work down.
    B.    Establish a plan of action to solve the problem.
    C.    Establish a theory, identify the problem, duplicate the problem, test the theory, and repeat.
    D.    Gather information, start at the bottom of the OSI model, and work up.

    Answer: B

    Which of the following is BEST used to perform a one-time temporary posture assessment in a NAC environment?

    A.    Intrusion prevention system
    B.    Host-based firewall
    C.    Non-persistent agent
    D.    Antivirus

    Answer: C

    A network technician has just run a new point-to point fiber link between two local routers, however, after the fiber has been plugged in on both ends, the interface will not come up. The technician has double- checked the interface configuration on both routers, both SFPs have been hard looped to confirm they are functioning, connectors on both ends of the links have been cleaned, and there is sufficient optical power. Which of the following is the cause of the issue?

    A.    Wavelength mismatch
    B.    Duplex mismatch
    C.    Distance limitations
    D.    Wrong IP address

    Answer: A

    Two switches are connected using both a CAT6 cable and a CAT5e cable. Which of the following problems is occurring?

    A.    Missing route
    B.    Autosensing ports
    C.    Improper cable types
    D.    Switching loop
    E.    Media mismatch

    Answer: D

    A network administrator has configured a new 100Mbs WAN circuit, but speed testing shows poor performance when downloading large files. The download initially reaches close to 100Mbps but begins to drop and show spikes in the downloads speeds over time. The administrator checks the router interface and sees the following:
    – Router01#show interface eth 1/1
    – GigabitEthernet 1/1 is up, line is up
    – Hardware is GigabitEthernet, address is 000A.00BB.CC11
    – Configured speed auto, actual 1Gbit, configured duplex fdx, actual fdx Member of L2 VLAN 1, port is untagged, port state is forwarding
    Which of the following is MOST likely to resolve the issue?

    A.    Shutdown and then re-enable this interface
    B.    Reset the statistics counter for this interface
    C.    Remove default 802.1q tag and set to server VLAN
    D.    Apply egress port rate-shaping

    Answer: C

    Which of the following residential Internet medias would employ the DOCSIS standard?

    A.    Fiber
    B.    DSL
    C.    Cable
    D.    3G/LTE
    E.    Cellular

    Answer: C

    Joe, a technician, terminates ends on a new copper cable for use between two legacy switches. When Joe connects the two switches together using the cable, they fail to establish a connection. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

    A.    The cable has exceeded bend radius limitations.
    B.    The cable is a straight through.
    C.    The cableis a cross over.
    D.    The cable has RJ-11 connectors instead of RJ-45.

    Answer: B

    A network technician has set up a firewall and entered only three rules allowing traffic on ports 21,110, and 25 to secure the network. Users are reporting they cannot access web pages using the URLs. Which of the following can the technician do to correct the situation?

    A.    Add a rule to the end allowing port 80 and 53.
    B.    Add a rule to the end allowing port 143 and 22.
    C.    Add a rule to the end allowing port 137 and 66.
    D.    Add a rule to the end allowing port 445 and 173.

    Answer: A

    A secondary datacenter in a remote location is used by a company. The cable management and power management are handled by the datacenter staff. The building security is also handled by the datacenter staff with little oversight. Which of the following should the network administrator do to adhere to best practices?

    A.    Secure the patch panels.
    B.    Ensure power monitoring is enabled.
    C.    Ensure rack security.
    D.    Secure the UPS units.

    Answer: C

    When network administrators observe an increased amount of web traffic without an increased number of financial transactions, the company is MOST likely experiencing which of the following attacks?

    A.    Bluejacking
    B.    ARP cache poisoning
    C.    Phishing
    D.    DoS

    Answer: D

    An administrator needs to install a centrally located firewall that needs to block specific incoming and outgoing IP addresses, without denying legitimate return traffic. Which of the following firewall types should the administrator install?

    A.    A host- based firewall
    B.    A network-based firewall
    C.    A host-based stateful firewall
    D.    A stateless network-based firewall

    Answer: D

    All scheduled work on production network equipment should be done during which of the following periods?

    A.    Maintenance window
    B.    Development life cycle
    C.    Down time
    D.    Business hours

    Answer: A

    A technician is installing a media converter that connects a newly installed multimode connection to an existing CAT5e infrastructure. Which of the following media converter types should the technician use?

    A.    Ethernet to coaxial
    B.    Fiber to Ethernet
    C.    Fiber to coaxial
    D.    Multimode to single mode fiber

    Answer: B

    Ann, a network administrator, is in the process of cleaning network switches for resale. Ann splashes the cleaning agent in her eye and needs to know the procedure of cleansing her eye. To which of the following should Ann refer?

    A.    EULA
    B.    MSDS
    C.    SLA
    D.    MOU

    Answer: B

    Which of the following transmission methods is used for network utilizing the 802.3 standard?

    A.    MAC
    B.    Synchronous
    C.    DSSS
    D.    Broadband
    E.    Baseband

    Answer: A

    Which of the following describes a design where traffic is shared between multiple network servers to provide greater throughput and reliability?

    A.    Load balancing
    B.    MPLS trunking
    C.    VLAN tagging
    D.    Multiplexing

    Answer: A


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