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    [June-2016 Dumps] PassLeader Real 70q 300-365 Exam VCE Dumps Help You Passing Exam Easily

    By admin | June 28, 2016

    How to pass 300-365 exam? We recommend you to try PassLeader 300-365 exam dumps! PassLeader 300-365 dumps contain all real 300-365 exam questions, which will ensure you passing 300-365 exam easily! What’s more, PassLeader supply both 300-365 PDF dumps and 300-365 VCE dumps, it will help you a lot during the 300-365 exam preparation! Welcome to choose the 100% valid 70q 300-365 dumps on passleader.com!

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    What devices can be tracked with the Cisco Context Aware Services?

    A.    Only wired devices.
    B.    Both wired and wireless devices.
    C.    Only Cisco certified wireless devices.
    D.    Only wireless devices.

    Answer: B

    After implementing mDNS gateway, a school’s network administrator notices that mDNS wireless printers are available over the whole network. Which feature can the admin use to restrict the printer mDNS advertisements to the AP that the printer is joined to and adjacent APs?

    A.    mDNS-AP
    B.    SSO
    C.    LSS
    D.    Priority MAC

    Answer: A

    A network engineer has installed 802.11ac access points with 80 MHz enabled; however, in the conference rooms, co-channel interference is being noticed. Under which tab in the RF profiles configuration can the engineer find the settings to tune the channel width for a group of APs?

    A.    802.11
    B.    RRM
    C.    High Density
    D.    General

    Answer: B

    A customer has "quiet" wireless clients that use static IP addresses. Which two WLAN configurations are required for these wireless clients to connect properly? (Choose two.)

    A.    Disable DHCP address assignment required.
    B.    Enable passive client.
    C.    Disable allow AAA override.
    D.    Enable static IP tunneling.
    E.    Disable DHCP server override.

    Answer: AE

    An engineer used an interface group under the SSID configuration, but noticed that a test client is getting an IP assigned in a different VLAN from the DHCP server. Which two options override the interface group configuration on the SSID? (Choose two.)

    A.    static VLAN on client
    B.    ACL
    C.    AP group
    D.    static IP on client
    E.    MAC filtering
    F.    RF group
    G.    AAA override

    Answer: CG

    A customer requires that the remote site be able to utilize local servers when the AP is in WAN-down (standalone mode). Which AP mode must be configured on the wireless controller?

    A.    SE-Connect
    B.    Monitor
    C.    Local
    D.    FlexConnect
    E.    Sniffer
    F.    Rogue Detector

    Answer: D

    A customer has implemented several WLANs in an auditorium utilizing a newly dedicated WLC and is experiencing excessive channel utilization regardless of occupancy. Which action reduces channel utilization without removing SSIDs?

    A.    Disable MCS data rates 0 through 11.
    B.    Disable MCS data rates used by 40 MHz channels.
    C.    Disable data rates that use CCK.
    D.    Disable VHT data rates.

    Answer: C

    Drag and Drop Question
    Drag the QoS values from the left and drop them in the correct descending order of priority on the right.


    CMX Facebook WiFi can allow access to the network before authentication. Which two of the following options are available? (Choose two)

    A.    Allow all the traffic before authentication and intercept HTTPs only.
    B.    Allow HTTP traffic only before authentication and block all the traffic.
    C.    Allow SNMP traffic only before authentication and block all the traffic.
    D.    Allow all the traffic before authentication and intercept HTTP only.
    E.    Allow HTTPs traffic only before authentication and block all other traffic.

    Answer: BD

    You have set up FlexConnect APs. For which scenario is Fast Roaming supported, providing the WLAN is mapped to the same VLAN and the client is roaming to an AP on the same Cisco WLC?

    A.    central switching with PMK (OKC) between different FlexConnect groups
    B.    local switching with Cisco Centralized Key Management within the same FlexConnect group
    C.    central switching with Cisco Centralized Key Management between different FlexConnect groups
    D.    local switching with PMKID within the same FlexConnect group

    Answer: B

    What address do PIM routers listen to in order to automatically discover the best RP for each multicast group?

    D.    224.0.140

    Answer: D

    An engineer must deploy FlexConnect APs to a site that typically has 300 ms latency to the WLC. Which typical operating mode must the engineer plan on for normal operations?

    A.    local authentication, local switching
    B.    central authentication, central switching
    C.    central authentication, local switching
    D.    connected mode

    Answer: A


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