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    January 2011 CCNA 640-802 Q&A(433)

    By admin | January 24, 2011

    This is the latest CCNA 640-802 Q&As, and the VIP Member Bruce just passed the 640-802 exam with 987. Congratulation!!!

    1. How is an EUI-64 format interface ID created from a 48-bit MAC address?
    A. by appending 0xFF to the MAC address
    B. by prefixing the MAC address with 0xFFEE
    C. by prefixing the MAC address with 0xFF and appending 0xFF to it
    D. by inserting 0xFFFE between the upper three bytes and the lower three bytes of the MAC address
    E. by prefixing the MAC address with 0xF and inserting 0xFafter each of its first three bytes
    Answer: D

    2. What is one reason that WPA encryption is preferred overWEP?
    A. AWPA key is longer and requires more special characters than the WEP key.
    B. The access point and the client are manually configured with different WPA key values.
    C. WPA key values remain the same until the client configuration is changed.
    D. The values of WPA keys can change dynamically while the system is used.
    Answer: D

    3. The corporate head office of certways has a teleconferencing system that uses VOIP (voice over IP) technology. This system uses UDP as the transport for the data transmissions.
    If these UDP datagrams arrive at their destination out of sequence, what will happen?
    A. UDP will send an ICMP Information Request to the source host.
    B. UDP will pass the information in the datagrams up to the next OSI layer in the order that they arrive.
    C. UDP will drop the datagrams.
    D. UDP will use the sequence numbers in the datagram headers to reassemble the data in the correct order.
    Answer: B

    4. Refer to the exhibit. In the communication between host 1 and host 2 over the point-to-point WAN, which protocol or technology is represented by dashed line A?


    A. IP
    B. T1
    C. PPP
    D. IEEE 802.3
    Answer: A

    5. Refer to the exhibit. The switch in the graphic has a default configuration and the MAC table is fully populated. In addition, this network is operating properly. The graphic represents selected header information in a frame leaving host A. What can be concluded from this information?


    A. The MAC address of host A is FFFF.FFFF.FFFF.
    B. The router will forward the packet in this frame to the Internet.
    C. The switch will only forward this frame to the attached router interface.
    D. All devices in this LAN except hostA will pass the packet to Layer 3.
    Answer: D

    6. What is an appropriate use of a default route?
    A. to provide routing to a local web server
    B. to provide routing from an ISP to a stub network
    C. to provide routing that will override the configured dynamic routing protocol
    D. to provide routing to a destination that is not specified in the routing table and which is outside the local network
    Answer: D

    7. What can a network administrator utilize by using PPP Layer 2 encapsulation? (Choose three.)
    A. VLAN support
    B. Compression
    C. Authentication
    D. Sliding windows
    E. Multilink support
    F. Quality of service
    Answer: B, C, E

    8. Accordingto capabilities of WPA security, which encryptiontype does WPA2 use?
    B. PSK
    D. PPKviaIV
    Answer: A

    9. The router address is the default gateway for both the Web Server 2 and Host 1. What is the correct subnet mask for this network?
    Answer: A

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