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    CBT Nuggets – CCIE Certification Package

    By admin | August 10, 2010

    The CCIE certification is one of the highest paid and most respected IT certifications available but also one of the most difficult to obtain. Many people have questions and concerns when it comes to obtaining the CCIE and that”s what this training is all about.

    Jeremy Cioara has done a tremendous job breaking down all the information you need to not only study and prepare for the hands-on lab exam, but he presents it so that you learn how to model and configure advanced LAN/WAN topologies and scenarios. He shows you how to put together a practice lab to duplicate nearly any network set-up and provides an array of cost and time saving tips and tricks that will literally repay your investment in this training many times over.

    What You’ll Learn

    Video 1: CCIE Series Intro: so you want to be a CCIE|53:25

    Video 2: Advanced LAN Configuration (Part 1): Cat 3550|38:47

    Video 3: Advanced LAN Configuration (Part 2): Cat 3550|44:35

    Video 4: Advanced LAN Configuration (Part 3): Cat 3550|27:55

    Video 5: Advanced WAN Configuration (Part 1): HDLC & PPP|45:42

    Video 6: Advanced WAN Configuration (Part 2): Frame Relay|42:58

    Video 7: Advanced WAN Configuration (Part 3): Frame Relay Traffic Shaping and ATM|37:27

    Video 8: Advanced WAN Configuration (Part 4): ISDN|43:58

    Video 9: Internal Routing Protocols (Part 1): Distance Vector Challenges and RIPv2|27:00

    Video 10: Internal Routing Protocols (Part 2): Advanced EIGRP Configuration|44:46

    Video 11: Internal Routing Protocols (Part 3): OSPF|38:19

    Video 12: Internal Routing Protocols (Part 4): Foundation OSPF Configuration|34:48

    Video 13: Internal Routing Protocols (Part 5): Advanced OSPF Configuration: NBMA Networks|44:18

    Video 14: Internal Routing Protocols (Part 6): Advanced OSPF Configuration: Practical Example|47:43

    Video 15: Internal Routing Protocols (Part 7): Understanding and Configuring the IS-IS Protocol|43:44

    Video 16: Advanced Router Technology (Part 1): Routing the Unroutable: Router Bridging Technology|35:36

    Video 17: Advanced Router Technology (Part 2): Data Link Switching Plus (DLSW+)|35:42

    Video 18: Advanced Router Technology (Part 3): Voice over IP (VoIP)|49:39

    Video 19: Advanced Router Technology (Part 4): Network Address Translation (NAT)|33:10

    Video 20: Advanced Router Technology (Part 5): HSRP and NTP|46:43

    Video 21: Advanced Router Technology (Part 6): Understanding IP Access-Lists|50:58

    Video 22: Advanced Router Technology (Part 7): Multicast Routing Concepts|25:02

    Video 23: Advanced Router Technology (Part 8): Configuring Multicast Routing|37:07

    Video 24: Quality of Service (Part 1): QoS Fundamentals and the MQC|41:25

    Video 25: Quality of Service (Part 2): Congestion Management and Avoidance|40:11

    Video 26: Quality of Service (Part 3): Policing|34:54

    Video 27: BGP (Part 1): BGP Theory|27:53

    Video 28: BGP (Part 2): Understanding BGP Attributes|30:44

    Video 29: BGP (Part 3): Foundation BGP Configuration|46:01

    Video 30: BGP (Part 4): BGP Route Reflectors|42:10

    Video 31: BGP (Part 5): BGP Route Aggregation and Filtering|38:30

    Video 32: BGP (Part 6): Configuring BGP Attributes to Influence Routing|47:07

    Video 33: BGP (Part 7): Configuring BGP Attributes to Influence Routing|52:02

    Video 34: BGP (Part 8): BGP Multihoming|37:23

    Video 35: Practice Lab|58:36

    Video 36: IPv6|52:33


    [This hidden password content is only available for our VIP member]. Become VIP Member NOW


    Topics: Audio&Video&EBook, CBT Nuggets, CCIE R&S, CCIE R&S Resources | 2 Comments »

    2 Responses to “CBT Nuggets – CCIE Certification Package”

    1. gell Says:
      August 11th, 2010 at 11:38 am

      what is the password as we extract the files. the files downloaded are double encrypted. I can’t find any password

    2. lexzy Says:
      March 30th, 2013 at 1:42 pm

      Can’t download this, gives a message that the data has been deleted or removed, please help.


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