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    CCNA 640-802 Bible – Describe Basic Routing Concepts

    By admin | July 17, 2009

    1. A router receives information about network from multiple sources. What will the router consider the most reliable information about the path to that network?

    A: a directly connected interface with an address of

    B: a static route to network

    C: a RIP update for network

    D: an OSPF update for network

    E: a default route with a next hop address of

    F: a static route to network with a local serial interface configured as the next hop

    Correct Answers: A

    2. Refer to the output of the two show commands in the exhibit. If an administrator tries to ping host from host, how will the ICMP packets be processed by Router A?


    A: The packets will be discarded.

    B: The packets will be routed out the S0/0 interface.

    C: The packets will be routed out the S0/1 interface.

    D: The packets will be routed out the Fa0/0 interface.

    Correct Answers: C


    Since network does not exist in the routing table, ICMP packet is then sent to default route port S0/1. Default route is a special static route, which will be used when no matching option can be found between the routing tables and package destination address. If there is no default route, the packet whose destination address finds no matching option in the routing table will be discarded. Default route is very effective at certain circumstances, when there is stub network, the default route will greatly simplify router configuration, reducing the workload of administrators and improving network performance. Only one single default route can be configured on Routers.

    3. Refer to the exhibit. A packet with a source IP address of and a destination IP address of arrives at the HokesB router. What action does the router take?


    A. forwards the received packet out the Serial0/0 interface

    B. forwards a packet containing an EIGRP advertisement out the Serial0/1 interface

    C. forwards a packet containing an ICMP message out the FastEthernet0/0 interface

    D. forwards a packet containing an ARP request out the FastEthernet0/1 interface

    Answer: C


    Observe this line “D[90/30720] via,01:22:10 FastEthernet0/0” carefully, we know that are communicating with P4S-R via fa0/0, and the router will send an ICMP message after receiving the packets.

    4. Use the output from the router shown in the graphic above to determine which of the following are correct. (Choose two.)


    A. Router John uses a link-state routing protocol.

    B. Router John will receive routing updates on the Serial0/0 interface.

    C. Router John will receive routing updates on the Serial0/1 interface.

    D. Router John will send routing updates out the Serial0/0 interface.

    E. Router John will send routing updates out the FastEthernet0/0 interface.

    F. Router John will send routing updates out the Serial0/1 interface.

    Answer: BD


    Routing information sources only has which is in the same subnet together with s0/0. This indicates that only s0/0 enables RIP protocol, so only s0/0 will send and receive RIP routing information.


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