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    [New Exam Dumps] Free PassLeader CABA VCE and PDF Dumps With New Update Exam Questions

    By admin | August 21, 2015

    How to pass the newest CABA exam? What new questions are on the latest CABA exam? PassLeader’s best CABA VCE and PDF exam dumps/CABA sample questions will tell you all about the CABA exam. For all PassLeader’s 350q CABA exam questions are the newest and covered all new added questions and answers, which will help you 100% passing exam. And we PassLeader will continue update CABA exam questions and answers, you will never fail the CABA exam. Hurry up and get the free VCE Player with your premium CABA VCE dumps from passleader.com now!

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    Quality Assurance is defined as those activities which are designed to prevent defects. Which of the following is an example of Quality Assurance?

    A.    Conduct reviews / inspection
    B.    Conduct a test to prevent defects reaching customers
    C.    Perform root cause analysis on systemic process errors
    D.    Conduct end-user training

    Answer: C

    Quality Assurance is defined as those activities which are designed to:

    A.    Prevent defects from occurring
    B.    Improves a product’s quality
    C.    Track problems reported to closure
    D.    None of the above
    E.    All of the above

    Answer: A

    Quality Control activities are what type of cost in the Cost of Quality concept?

    A.    Product Cost
    B.    Appraisal Cost
    C.    Preventive Cost
    D.    Failure Cost

    Answer: B

    The Earned Value approach compares information about the amount of work planned to what has actually been completed.

    A.    True
    B.    False

    Answer: A

    The Plan, Do, Check, Act Cycle is a methodological approach to applying the concepts of:

    A.    Cost Reduction
    B.    Continuous Improvement
    C.    Earned Value
    D.    Quality Assurance
    E.    None of the above

    Answer: B

    Affinity Diagram is a tool which is normally used in conjunction with:

    A.    Control Charts
    B.    Brainstorming
    C.    Scatter Plots
    D.    Benchmarking

    Answer: B

    The Quality Trilogy identified by Juran includes:

    A.    People, Process, Technology
    B.    Planning, Improvement, Control
    C.    Goal, Question, Metric
    D.    Plan, Do, Check

    Answer: B


    Which of the following is NOT one of the seven Quality Tools identified by Ishikawa?

    A.    Control Chart
    B.    Run Chart
    C.    Regression Analysis Chart
    D.    Pareto Chart
    E.    Flow Chart

    Answer: C

    Which of the following is NOT a contribution by Walter Shewhart?

    A.    Continuous Improvement
    B.    Statistical Process Control
    C.    Pareto Principle
    D.    1-2-3-4 Cycle

    Answer: C

    The theory of the ‘Hawthorne Effect on Human Motivation’ was given by:

    A.    Walter Shewhart
    B.    Joseph M. Juran
    C.    Frederick Herzberg
    D.    W. Edwards Deming

    Answer: B

    One of Deming’s 14 points is "Work to constantly improve quality and productivity."

    A.    True
    B.    False

    Answer: A

    Crosby demonstrated that the best approach to reduce Total Product Cost is to:

    A.    Increase Prevention Costs
    B.    Increase Appraisal and Failure Costs
    C.    Reduce Prevention Costs
    D.    Increase Rework Cost

    Answer: A

    According to Crosby, a Quality Assurance activity is a:

    A.    Cost of Quality
    B.    Appraisal Costs
    C.    Failure Costs
    D.    Prevention Costs

    Answer: D

    Which is NOT a commonly used Quality Management tool?

    A.    Fishbone Diagram
    B.    CSSR Report
    C.    Pareto Chart
    D.    Control Chart

    Answer: B



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