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    (New Version) Free Passleader Cisco 400-101 Study Materials With Latest New Exam Questions (1-20)

    By admin | December 31, 2014

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    PassLeader 400-101 Brain Dumps[15]

    Refer to the exhibit. Which action must you take to enable full reachability from router C to router D?

    A.    Build an OSPF virtual link.
    B.    Build an OSPF sham link.
    C.    Configure mutual redistribution between OSPF and EIGRP on routers A and B.
    D.    Add a static route on router D.

    Answer: C

    Which two Cisco Express Forwarding tables are located in the data plane? (Choose two.)

    A.    the forwarding information base
    B.    the label forwarding information base
    C.    the IP routing table
    D.    the label information table
    E.    the adjacency table

    Answer: AB

    Which option is the most effective action to avoid packet loss due to microbursts?

    A.    Implement larger buffers.
    B.    Install a faster CPU.
    C.    Install a faster network interface.
    D.    Configure a larger tx-ring size.

    Answer: A

    Which two statements about packet fragmentation on an IPv6 network are true? (Choose two.)

    A.    The fragment header is 64 bits long.
    B.    The identification field is 32 bits long.
    C.    The fragment header is 32 bits long.
    D.    The identification field is 64 bits long.
    E.    The MTU must be a minimum of 1280 bytes.
    F.    The fragment header is 48 bits long.

    Answer: AB

    You are backing up a server with a 1 Gbps link and a latency of 2 ms. Which two statements about the backup are true? (Choose two.)

    A.    The bandwidth delay product is 2 Mb.
    B.    The default TCP send window size is the limiting factor.
    C.    The default TCP receive window size is the limiting factor.
    D.    The bandwidth delay product is 500 Mb.
    E.    The bandwidth delay product is 50 Mb.

    Answer: AC

    Which two pieces of information does RTCP use to inform endpoint devices about the RTP flow? (Choose two.)

    A.    the transmitted octet
    B.    the lost packet count
    C.    session control function provisioning information
    D.    the CNAME for session participants
    E.    the authentication method
    F.    MTU size changes in the path of the flow

    Answer: AB

    Which two options are required parts of an EEM policy? (Choose two.)

    A.    event register keyword
    B.    body
    C.    environment must defines
    D.    namespace import
    E.    entry status
    F.    exit status

    Answer: AB

    Which two actions can you take to allow the greatest number of pertinent packets to be stored in the temporary buffer of Cisco IOS Embedded Packet Capture? (Choose two.)

    A.    Specify the sampling interval.
    B.    Specify the capture buffer type.
    C.    Specify a reflexive ACL.
    D.    Specify the minimum packet capture rate.
    E.    Specify the packet size.
    F.    Store the capture simultaneously onto an external memory card as the capture occurs.

    Answer: AB

    Which technology can be used to secure the core of an STP domain?

    A.    UplinkFast
    B.    BPDU guard
    C.    BPDU filter
    D.    root guard

    Answer: D

    What is the destination multicast MAC address for BPDUs on the native VLAN, for a switch that is running 802.1D?

    A.    0185. C400. 0000
    B.    0100.0CCC.CCCC
    C.    0100.0CCC.CCCD
    D.    0180. C200. 0000

    Answer: D

    PassLeader 400-101 Brain Dumps[24]


    Which three statements are true about VSS? (Choose three.)

    A.    VSS separates the control planes of the active and the standby chassis.
    B.    Configuration changes can be made on both active and standby chassis.
    C.    When the VSS active chassis recovers after a failure, it initiates a switchover and takes on the active role again.
    D.    VSS unifies the control planes of the active and the standby chassis.
    E.    HSRP configuration is not required to run VSS.
    F.    The VSS standby chassis monitors the VSS active chassis using the VSL.

    Answer: DEF

    Refer to the exhibit. All switches have default bridge priorities, and originate BPDUs with MAC addresses as indicated. The numbers shown are STP link metrics.
    After STP converges, you discover that traffic from switch SWG toward switch SWD takes a less optimal path. What can you do to optimize the STP tree in this switched network?

    A.    Change the priority of switch SWA to a lower value than the default value.
    B.    Change the priority of switch SWB to a higher value than the default value.
    C.    Change the priority of switch SWG to a higher value than the default value.
    D.    Change the priority of switch SWD to a lower value than the default value.

    Answer: D

    Which flag in a configuration BPDU instructs all switches to shorten their bridge table aging process from the default 300 seconds to the current forward delay value?

    A.    topology change bit
    B.    topology change acknowledgment bit
    C.    priority bit
    D.    max-age bit

    Answer: A

    Refer to the exhibit. Which technology can be used on the switch to enable host A to receive multicast packets for but prevent host B from receiving them?

    A.    IGMP filtering
    B.    MLD snooping
    C.    IGMP snooping
    D.    MLD filtering

    Answer: C

    Which option describes the purpose of the PPP endpoint discriminator?

    A.    It identifies the maximum payload packet.
    B.    It notifies the peer that it prefers 12-bit sequence numbers.
    C.    It identifies the system attached to the link.
    D.    It determines whether a loopback is on the link.

    Answer: C

    Which three statements about SPAN traffic monitoring are true? (Choose three.)

    A.    Traffic from a non-source VLAN is discarded when it arrives on a source VLAN.
    B.    Multiple sessions can send traffic to an individual destination port.
    C.    It supports up to 32 SPAN ports per switch.
    D.    The destination port acts as a normal switchport.
    E.    It supports up to 64 SPAN ports per switch.
    F.    Only one session can send traffic to an individual destination port.

    Answer: AEF

    Which option describes how a VTPv3 device responds when it detects a VTPv2 device on a trunk port?

    A.    It sends VTPv3 packets only.
    B.    It sends VTPv2 packets only.
    C.    It sends VTPv3 and VTPv2 packets.
    D.    It sends a special packet that contains VTPv3 and VTPv2 packet information.

    Answer: C

    Which three statements about bridge assurance are true? (Choose three.)

    A.    Bridge assurance must be enabled on both ends of a link.
    B.    Bridge assurance can be enabled on one end of a link or on both ends.
    C.    Bridge assurance is enabled on STP point-to-point links only.
    D.    Bridge assurance is enabled on STP multipoint links only.
    E.    If a bridge assurance port fails to receive a BPDU after a timeout, the port is put into a blocking state.
    F.    If a bridge assurance port fails to receive a BPDU after a timeout, the port is put into an error disabled state.

    Answer: ACE

    What is the hop limit for an MLD message?

    A.    1
    B.    2
    C.    15
    D.    255

    Answer: A

    Refer to the exhibit. Which action must you take to enable the WAN link to function properly?

    A.    Enter a clock rate on the DCE interface.
    B.    Enter a clock rate on the DTE interface.
    C.    Enter a compression algorithm on both interfaces.
    D.    Configure both interfaces for HDLC encapsulation.

    Answer: A

    PassLeader 400-101 Brain Dumps[16]



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