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    CCNP SWITCH(642-813) Lab – MLS + EIGRP(New)

    By admin | February 14, 2011


    You have been tasking with configuring multilayer SwitchC,which has a partial configuration and has been attached to RouterC as shown in the topology diagram.

    You need to configure SwitchC so that Hosts H1 and H2 can successfully ping the server S1. Also SwitchC needs to be able to ping server S1.

    Due to administrative restrictions and requirements you should not add/delete vlans or create trunk links.Company policies forbid the use of static or default

    routing.All routes must be learned via EIGRP 65010 routing protocol.

    You do not have access to RouterC;assume that RouterC is correctly configured

    The following subnets are available to implement this solution.Routed interfaces MUST use the lowest available IP address on a subnet.,, and

    Host H1 and H2 are configured with the correct IP address and Defalut Gateway

    SwitchC uses cisco as the enable password.

    The current VLAN configuration on SwitchC should not be deleted or modified.

    Routing must only be enabled for the specific subnet shown in the diagram.

    Note:Due to administrative restrictions and requirements you should not add/delete vlans, change vlan port assignments or create trunk links. Company

    polices forbid the use of static or default routing. All routes must be learned via the eigrp routing protocol.




    1. Find the following details from question

    AS no = 65010

    VLAN2 IP =

    VLAN3 IP =

    gig 0/1 IP =

    [It is instructed to use the lowest IP of the given subnets for the routed interfaces and the SVIs]

    Note that we can not do modify any vlan configurations in the switch/PCs. All are configured with the correct names and IPs.

    We need to implement following tasks:

    1. Configure all 3 routed interfaces.
    2. Enable IP routing and configure EIGRP in the switch.

    2. Configurations on MultiLayer Switch [MLS]:

    int gig 0/1

    no switchport

    ip address

    no shutdown

    int vlan 2

    ip address

    no shutdown

    int vlan 3

    ip ad dress

    no shutdown

    ip routing

    router eigrp 65010




    no auto-summary

    copy running-config startup-config

    3. Verification:

    We should be able to ping from MLS to the gateway called “Server S1” []


    The copy run start is not work in may LABS. It is not an issue for the examination. Just do it.


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    Topics: 642-813 Exam, CCNP | 1 Comment »

    One Response to “CCNP SWITCH(642-813) Lab – MLS + EIGRP(New)”

    1. James55 Says:
      January 21st, 2012 at 4:55 pm

      Hi All, and thanks for a very good site.
      Is there a vlan configured and shouldn’t it be added to Router Eigrp 65010?


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