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New CCIE-CCNP 350-401 dumps PDF: Or: Directly downloading the PassLeader CCIE-CCNP 350-401 PDF dumps from PassLeader's blog for free: NEW QUESTION 509 What is a characteristic of Cisco DNA Northbound APIs? A.    They simplify the management of network infrastructure devices. B.    They enable automation of network infrastructure based on intent. C.    They utilize RESTCONF. D.    They utilize multivendor support APIs. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 510 What is the role of the RP in PIM sparse mode? A.    The RP responds to the PIM join messages with the source of requested multicast group. B.    The RP maintains default aging timeouts for all multicast streams requested by the receivers. C.    The RP acts as a control-plane node and does not receive or forward multicast packets. D.    The RP is the multicast that is the root of the PIM-SM shared multicast distribution tree. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 511 What is a Type 2 hypervisor? A.    installed as an application on an already installed operating system B.    runs directly on a physical server and includes its own operating system C.    supports over-allocation of physical resources D.    also referred to as a “bare metal hypervisor” because it sits directly on the physical server Answer: A NEW QUESTION 512 An engineer is configuring a GRE tunnel interface in the default mode. The engineer has assigned an IPv4 address on the tunnel and sourced the tunnel from an Ethernet interface. Which option also is required on the tunnel interface before it is operational? A.    (config-if)#tunnel destination <ip address> B.    (config-if)#keepalive <seconds retries> C.    (config-if)#ip mtu <value> D.    (config-if)#ip tcp adjust-mss <value> Answer: A NEW QUESTION 513 A network engineer must configure a router to send logging messages to a syslog server based on these requirements: – uses syslog IP address: – uses a reliable protocol – must not use any well-known TCP/UDP ports Which configuration must be used? A.    logging host transport tcp port 1024 B.    logging origin-id C.    logging host transport udp port 1023 D.    logging host transport udp port 1024 Answer: A NEW QUESTION 514 An engineer is configuring a new SSID to present users with a splash page for authentication. Which WLAN Layer 3 setting must be configured to provide this functionally? A.    CCKM B.    WPA2 Policy C.    Local Policy D.    Web Policy Answer: C NEW QUESTION 515 An engineer is implementing a route map to support redistribution within BGP. The route map must configure to permit all unmatched routes. Which action must the engineer perform to complete this task? A.    Include a permit statement as the first entry. B.    Include at least one explicit deny statement. C.    Remove the implicit deny entry. D.    Include a permit statement as the last entry. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 516 An engineer is implementing MPLS OAM to monitor traffic within the MPLS domain. Which action must the engineer perform to prevent from being forwarded beyond the service provider domain when the LSP is down? A.    Disable IP redirects only on outbound interfaces. B.    Implement the destination address for the LSP echo request packet in the 127.x.y.z/8 network. C.    Disable IP redirects on all ingress interfaces. D.    Configure a private IP address as the destination address of the headend router of Cisco MPLS TE. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 517 An engineer is implementing a Cisco MPLS TE tunnel to improve the streaming experience for the clients of a video-on-demand server. Which action must the engineer perform to configure extended discovery to support the MPLS LDP session between the headend and tailend routers? A.    Configure the interface bandwidth to handle TCP and UDP traffic between the LDP peers. B.    Configure a Cisco MPLS TE tunnel on both ends of the session. C.    Configure an access list on the interface to permit TCP and UDP traffic. D.    Configure a targeted neighbor session. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 518 What is a characteristic of YANG? A.    It is a Cisco proprietary language that models NETCONF data. B.    It allows model developers to create custom data types. C.    It structures data in an object-oriented fashion to promote model reuse. D.    It provides loops and conditionals to control now within models. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 519 What is one difference between saltstack and ansible? A.    SaltStack uses an API proxy agent to program Cisco boxes on agent mode, whereas Ansible uses a Telnet connection. B.    SaltStack uses the Ansible agent on the box, whereas Ansible uses a Telnet server on the box. C.    SaltStack is constructed with minion, whereas Ansible is constructed with YAML. D.    SaltStack uses SSH to interact with Cisco devices, whereas Ansible uses an event bus. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 520 A network administrator has designed a network with two multilayer switches on the distribution layer, which act as default gateways for the end hosts. Which two technologies allow every end host in a VLAN to use both gateways? (Choose two.) A.    GLBP B.    HSRP C.    MHSRP D.    VSS E.    VRRP Answer: CE NEW QUESTION 521 In Cisco SD_WAN, which protocol is used to measure link quality? A.    OMP B.    BFD C.    RSVP D.    IPsec Answer: B NEW QUESTION 522 Which two operational models enable an AP to scan one or more wireless channels for rouge access points and at the same time provide wireless services to clients? (Choose two.) A.    Rouge detector. B.    Sniffer. C.    FlexConnect. D.    Local. E.    Monitor. Answer: DE NEW QUESTION 523 What are two benefits of virtual switching when compared to hardware switching? (Choose two.) A.    increased MTU size B.    hardware independence C.    VM-level isolation D.    increased flexibility E.    extended 802.1Q VLAN range Answer: CD NEW QUESTION 524 Which features does Cisco EDR use to provide threat detection and response protection? A.    containment, threat intelligence, and machine learning B.    firewalling and intrusion prevention C.    container-based agents D.    cloud analysis and endpoint firewall controls Answer: A NEW QUESTION 525 What is one benefit of implementing a VSS architecture? A.    It provides multiple points of management for redundancy and improved support. B.    It uses GLBP to balance traffic between gateways. C.    It provides a single point of management for improved efficiency. D.    It uses a single database to manage configuration for multiple switches. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 526 Where is radio resource management performed in a cisco SD-access wireless solution? A.    DNA Center B.    control plane node C.    wireless controller D.    Cisco CMX Answer: C Explanation: Fabric wireless controllers manage and control the fabric-mode APs using the same general model as the traditional local-mode controllers which offers the same operational advantages such as mobility control and radio resource management. A significant difference is that client traffic from wireless endpoints is not tunneled from the APs to the wireless controller. Instead, communication from wireless clients is encapsulated in VXLAN by the fabric APs which build a tunnel to their first-hop fabric edge node. Wireless traffic it tunneled to the edge nodes as the edge nodes provide fabric services such as the Layer 3 Anycast Gateway, policy, and traffic enforcement. NEW QUESTION 527 Which device makes the decision for a wireless client to roam? A.    wireless client B.    wireless LAN controller C.    access point D.    WCS location server Answer: A NEW QUESTION 528 How is MSDP used to interconnect multiple PIM-SM domains? A.    MSDP depends on BGP or multiprotocol BGP for mterdomam operation. B.    MSDP SA request messages are used to request a list of active sources for a specific group. C.    SDP allows a rendezvous point to dynamically discover active sources outside of its domain. D.    MSDP messages are used to advertise active sources in a domain. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 529 What is the function of the LISP map resolver? A.    To send traffic to non-LISP sites when connected to a service provider that does not accept nonroutable ElDs as packet sources. B.    To connect a site to the LISP-capable part of a core network publish the EID-to-RLOC mappings for the site, and respond to map-request messages. C.    To decapsulate map-request messages from ITRs and forward the messages to the MS. D.    To advertise routable non-LISP traffic from one address family to LISP sites in a different address family. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 530 Which AP mode allows an engineer to scan configured channels for rogue access points? A.    sniffer B.    monitor C.    bridge D.    local Answer: B NEW QUESTION 531 An engineer configures HSRP group 37. The configuration does not modify the default virtual MAC address. Which virtual MAC address does the group use? A.    C0:00:00:25:00:00 B.    00:00:0c:07:ac:37 C.    C0:39:83:25:258:5 D.    00:00:0c:07:ac:25 Answer: D NEW QUESTION 532 What is the function of Cisco DNA center in a Cisco SD-access deployment? A.    It is responsible for routing decisions inside the fabric. B.    It is responsible for the design, management, deployment, provisioning and assurance of the fabric network devices. C.    It possesses information about all endpoints, nodes and external networks related to the fabric. D.    It provides integration and automation for all nonfabric nodes and their fabric counterparts. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 533 Which new enhancement was implemented in Wi-Fi 6? A.    Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 B.    4096 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Mode C.    Channel Bonding D.    Uplink and Downlink Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access Answer: B NEW QUESTION 534 Which Cisco DNA center application is responsible for group-based access control permissions? A.    Design B.    Provision C.    Assurance D.    Policy Answer: D NEW QUESTION 535 Which technology is used as the basis for the Cisco SD-access data plane? A.    IPsec B.    LISP C.    VXLAN D.    802.1Q Answer: C NEW QUESTION 536 Which threat defense mechanism, when deployed at the network perimeter, protects against zero-day attacks? A.    intrusion prevention B.    stateful inspection C.    sandbox D.    SSL decryption Answer: A NEW QUESTION 537 Which network devices secure API platform? A.    next-generation intrusion detection systems B.    Layer 3 transit network devices C.    content switches D.    web application firewalls Answer: A NEW QUESTION 538 Which protocol is used to encrypt control plane traffic between SD-WAN controllers and SD-WAN endpoints? A.    DTLS B.    IPsec C.    PGP D.    HTTPS Answer: A NEW QUESTION 539 …… Download the newest PassLeader CCIE-CCNP 350-401 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 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